Bain Maries

bain marie imageJomack’s small Stainless Steel Bain Maries are suited to small food outlets. They come in 3 sizes, 1, 2 and 3 modules. They all feature various pot layouts, simmerstat control, all welded stainless steel and all operate on a 10amp 3-pin plug.


  • 3 Module unit: 1800 Watt 24v, 990mm long, 540mm wide and 300mm high.
  • 2 Module unit: 1800 Watt 240v, 660mm long, 540mm wide and 300mm high.
  • 1 Module unit: 1200 Watt 240v, 610mm long, 330mm wide and 210mm high.
Part No.
Description Furthur Info
Bench Type, Single Module, no pots download
Bench Type, 2 Module, no pots
Bench Type, 3 Module, no pots