Meter Panels

Meter Panels

W-Ant_board2WhiteAnt Meter Frames are a great alternative to metal meter boxes. Hand crafted and Australian made!

Some of the great features of the WhiteAnt board are:

  • Wooden frames mean no earthing required
  • The panels are pre-marked for service fuses & neutral link
  • Fully insulated sides and back
  • Removable front hinged panel

The WhiteAnt boards are made from Ty-Panel “Type X” switch panel, fire-retardent “FibroCement” back panel, Australian plantation pine frame and Netalite 7 insulation.

The following three sizes are available off the shelf. Custom frames & panels can be ordered.

374mm H x
204mm W x
75mm D
  • 16mm cable max.
  • 1 x SP meter, 1 x Electronic meter or 1 x multiphase meter
  • 1 x service fuse
  • 1 x neutral bar/link
400mm H x
380mm W x
83mm D
  • 16mm cable max.
  • 1 x multiphase meter
  • 1 x timeclock
  • 3 x service fuses
  • 1 x neutral bar/link
590mm H x
400mm W x
83mm D
(With WA6/K it becomes 150mm deep)
  • 16mm cable max. (35mm cable max. with WA6/K)
  • up to 2 multiphase meters
  • up to 3 SP meters
  • 1 time clock
    Or a combination of above
  • 4 x service fuses
  • 2 neutral bar/links
610mm H x
370mm W x
6mm D
  • Replacement panel for metal enclosures
  • Easy Installation
  • Use with common meters and Time Clocks

CT Metering Panels

A WhiteAnt meter frame to suit CT metering is now available. Please check with your local electrical supplier for CT metering specifications.

910mm H x 610mm W x 83mm D
Designed for CT metering