Lanox MX4

inox-mx4Designed for heavy industrial, mining, farming, marine, earth moving and transport type use and where extreme climatic and high humidity conditions prevail. Lanolin is a natural wax found in animal wool especially the wool from sheep, it has wide spread uses, cosmetics, medical, soaps, etc. Although we supply Inox, a quality anti-corrosion lubricant, there are areas where a lanolin based anti-corrosion lubricant like Lanox is sometimes better suited for the application at hand.

Lanox is a heavy duty anti-moisture, anti-corrosion lubricant made with a high grade lubricating oil and lanolin base with specialized chemical compounds. It contains no silicon, kerosene. acids or dieseline and is harmless to metal points & surfaces, plastics, painted & enamel finishes, fibreglass, formica, rubber or neoprene seals. Lanox doesn’t become sticky, gooey or gum up and does not dry out or wash off with water. It is non-conductive, non-static & non-corrosive.

LANOX has neutral properties, low flammability in non aerosol applications and a flash point of 179°C (non aerosol) and a Drop Point (freezing) of -26°C. Lanox mx4 Heavy Duty Lubricant is available in 4 sizes:

Part No.
Reference Link
300g Aerosol
5Ltr Drum (With Applicator)
20Ltr Drum (With applicator)
205Ltr Drum (With 6 Applicators)